Life is…

A few thoughts on life:

  1. Life is an adventure

“When I grow up, I want to be an adventurer” I wrote, aged 4.  I drew an accompanying picture of myself thrashing through a wild jungle, displaying equally wild hair.  This masterpiece was pinned to the classroom wall alongside other students’ future dream jobs:  vets, teachers, astronauts etc.

29 years after I wrote that sentence, I may not literally be cutting a path through tropical rainforest but some days it doesn’t feel that different!  There is a lot of uncharted territory to  negotiate at the moment e.g. the jungle of scaffolding and building equipment associated with renovating our facade, learning to do tasks with a baby attached to me most of the time, encountering new and delightful moments such as baby lighting up with a big gummy smile and ‘chatting’ to me about his day.

2.   Life is a sitcom

Picture the scene:  It is lunchtime at Urshult Hotell and, like any good Swedish mum, I am cooking meatballs for my family.  As I put the pan on the stove to gently warm them up, my stepson (who is currently going through a very chatty phase) arrives.  While he is monologuing about his latest computer game, baby begins to cry for a cuddle.  I scoop him up, looking around for the baby sling and realise I have left it in the car.  On my way out to the car my dog seizes the opportunity to run for freedom out of the back door.  I now have a screaming baby, a runaway dog and a stepson insistent on telling me how to get to level 5 on his game.

No sooner am I down the stairs then an early guest arrives to inquire about his room.  I explain that his room has not been cleaned yet but he can still pick up the key and direct him to reception.  At the back of my mind are the meatballs on the stove and I hope a small fire has not yet started.

As I open the door to my car (stepson is now relating the code required for the secret door on level 6 and dog is nowhere to be seen) my mother-in-law appears and I explain to her in broken Swedish and hand signals that we need to prepare room 2.  I finally retrieve the baby sling from my car (baby is crying even louder as his dummy has fallen out and stepson is now onto the hidden weapon in the alien ship on level 5)

As I return to the kitchen, with a slightly placated baby, dog appears again happily chewing on baby’s lost dummy.  Stepson peers into the pan on the stove:  “You’ve burned the meatballs”






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