Easter in Urshult

It is the week after Easter and Urshult Hotell is a hive of activity.  As with the last few posts, I have baby Zac sleeping in my arms as I type (awwww!)  In front of me the office window is obscured by plastic sheeting because we are having the hotel façade renovated.  There are hammers knocking, builders humming and our dog Borgust barking (he is not too happy about being ‘invaded’ by these noisy strangers!)

When we moved in a year ago, it was clear that the hotel’s façade needed some serious renovating.  Not only was the paint peeling; there were gaps in the plaster and the signage was very faded.  It has taken a year of planning, paperwork, bank visits and research to begin this renovation and I can’t quite believe the builders are finally here!   Once the renovations are complete, the first impressions of this fine 1920s hotel will be vastly improved.   Urshult Hotell is a beautiful building and it feels good to be able to restore some of her former glory!

Here is a ‘before’ picture of the hotel’s façade that featured in SmalandsPosten (local newspaper) last year.


And here is the façade today with the scaffolding going up.


In case any guests are wondering, THE HOTEL IS STILL OPEN during these renovations.  The MAIN ENTRANCE IS STILL OPEN and the ENGLISH CAFE THIS SUNDAY IS STILL HAPPENING.  We expect the scaffolding to be up for about a month.






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