Home improvement

It’s Wednesday 23rd March 2016 – 1 year and 6 days since we moved into Urshult Hotell.  I am sitting here with baby Zac contentedly snoozing next to my tummy in the Baby Bjorn.  We have just been to the hotel’s guest annexe to take photos of the recent renovating and cleaning work.  Things are getting prettier at Urshult Hotell!

Below you can see one of the new hotel bathrooms, tiled and painted by husband and father-in-law.  The vintage lamp came from a local auction.


And here is a freshly cleaned chandelier in the guest lounge, together with a shiny and clean window.  All the windows in the guest annexe were professionally cleaned today, which has really freshened up the view from the rooms:-)


So, there you have it!  Changes and improvements are happening all the time here so stay tuned for more photos as we continue to renovate our beautiful 1920s hotel.

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One Response to Home improvement

  1. Christine Bainbridge says:

    Love the bath room! xx


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