The A.F. Leafe Room

Urshult Hotell has a bar*.  In this bar hang many pictures.  These pictures tell a story.

When my Morfar**, Fred Leafe, passed away in 2014, I inherited some of his (and his sister’s) paintings.  My husband and I decided to hang them in the bar as a way of remembering him.  We have named it the “A.F. Leafe Room”. Grandpa played a big part in making it possible for us to buy this hotel, so it feels good to honour him in this way.  See my  Tribute to Grandpa post to find out more about him.

Here is a quick tour of his paintings.  Next time you visit, perhaps you will linger a bit longer in the A.F. Leafe Room and enjoy the unique contribution of this unknown artist!

Palms   Mountains

Ivy LeafePainted by Ivy – Grandpa’s sister

Mountain lake   Different fishermenFishermenChinaAnd finally a photo of the man himself!   Grandpa

*the bar is not yet licensed to sell alcohol but we are working on this!

** Swedish for maternal grandfather (my Mum’s dad)

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