5 months in Urshult Hotell

5 months ago today on 17 March we picked up the keys to our new home aka Urshult Hotell. It has been a busy and productive 5 months!

Here is a summary of what we have done since arriving here, what we are doing now and what we plan to do in the future.

Firstly, what we have done:

  • Tidied up the facade by cutting back the bushes, uprooting weeds and planting new flower pots
  • smartened up the reception area with new plants. Tidied up the presentation of local tourist information and begun to sell local produce and handicrafts
  • organised the hotel keys into a more accessible system
  • improved breakfast with freshly cut ham, local produce (honey, jam, organic teas and apple juice) and bread from Urshult bakery
  • re-started the booking.com entry
  • introduced professionally cleaned and pressed matching white bed linen and towels to the guest rooms
  • begun a popular monthly English cafe event

Secondly, what we are doing today:

  • renovating our bathroom, which was 3 small toilet stalls that we knocked into one. Left to do are installing a bath plus other minor fixtures and fittings.
  • renovating our bedroom: work on the floor is well under way; after that we shall install a large walk-in wardrobe.
  • The hotel occupancy rate has risen by over 10x in the last 5 months but we are still looking to improve these sales figures
  • continuing to explore the local area so that we can give well-informed advice to guests on what to see and do while they stay here
  • Keeping on top of cleaning schedules to ensure a positive guest experience
  • Keeping on top of waste management and recycling – it is amazing how much waste a busy hotel can produce!

Thirdly, what we are going to do in the future:

  • the facade is due to be painted in the spring and this will make a huge difference to guests’ first impressions of the hotel.
  • My Swedish class starts back on 24 August and I shall be eagerly studying to improve my language skills so that I can converse with guests more easily.
  • In autumn we shall be renovating the guest bedrooms and freshening them up, whilst keeping that vintage 1920s feel.
  • We will continue with our monthly cafe event and keep coming up with new baking recipes to delight our customers.
  • As part of a special arts event in the first weekend of September, we will experiment with a pop-up shop in the basement selling high quality local produce and handicrafts. If this is successful, the pop-up shop may become a regular feature of Urshult Hotell!

Thank you for checking in with our blog😄

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One Response to 5 months in Urshult Hotell

  1. You’ve done amazing amounts! well done you, very active and original hotel owners 🙂


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