Hotel manager’s log: Day 88

I am tired today!  This morning husband and I woke up early in order to leave at 6:45am to get to his end-of-year school concert.  It was great to see his school and music room and to meet some of his colleagues and students.

The concert was outside in the school field and the weather was jätte värmt*  All the performers were in the shade of a large white marquee, which was decorated with Swedish flags and lupin flowers.  There is no uniform in Swedish schools and it was lovely to see the students express the joy of summer in their clothes:  bright colours, floral dresses and flower garlands.  By the way, I love the Swedish word for summer holidays – sommarlov.  


Lupin flowers

The concert programme included traditional Swedish songs such as ‘Blommerstid’ and the national anthem.  My husband lent me his beautiful flugal horn and it was a joy to hear its creamy tones add to the school choir’s singing.

Afterwards we had a traditional Swedish lunch of smörgåstårta and strawberry cakes.

smorgastorta  strawberry cakes

There were thank you speeches from the Headteacher (dressed in Smaland’s traditional costume) and presents were given to the staff who were leaving.  The staff who were staying another year all got given a book.  And I got given one too; a novel called “Croissants till frukost“**  As a self-confessed francophile, this sounds right up my street!  Reading a novel in Swedish will be a challenge, but I will definitely give it a go!


Smaland’s traditional costume

On the way back from school we visited one of Smaland’s many loppis.  These are fascinating second-hand shops and stalls, which sell anything from teapots to book ends, vinyl records to candlesticks.  Today’s loppis had an ancient wind organ, which my musical husband enjoyed playing very much!  During our loppis trip we realised it is our 11 month anniversary today.  Just one more month to go until we can celebrate an entire year of marriage.  And what a year it’s been!!

My in-laws have been manning the fort today and provided breakfast to our 7 guests this morning, so that I could play in the concert.  Once back at the hotel in the afternoon, we all had fika together then I went off for a walk in the forest.  I love doing this as it never fails to amaze me how wild and unkempt the forests around here are.  I am used to signposts and fences in England but here in Sweden there is a law called Allemansrätt, which means that I can freely roam.  Free-range Anna!

The weather has been so fantastic today (a balmy 24 degrees) that we decided to have a barbecue in the evening.  The 4 of us (5 if you include Borgust) sat in our garden munching korvar***, drinking beer and generally mellowing into the evening.

Tomorrow is the first day since 24th May that we have no guests booked to stay.  Discussions about when we should eat breakfast included the deliciously late suggestion of 11:00am.  Let’s see!  I do know that there will be important work going on in the new bathroom and LOTS of laundry to catch up on in the tvättrum****  The Urshult Hotell task force will be in full swing.  But, for now, from a tired and happy hotel manager, it’s lights out.

By the way, a note to my regular readers;  I haven’t forgotten “The Story Of Us” – just laying it to one side for a moment while I describe present events.  Have a good weekend y’all!

*very warm

**croissants for breakfast



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