The story of us…PART 2

Breakfast for 2 Volvo workers has been served, Borgust has been fed and now it is blog-time!  (By the way it was rather hilarious watching Borgust pick up a long stick and try and get it through a narrow gap in our garden hedge.  Urshult Hotell’s very own morning slapstick comedy show!!!)


Now, where was I?  Ah yes, my colleague and I had just been on our first date.  But how did we get from there to marriage proposal and buying a hotel in Sweden?  Patience dear reader!

Our first date was a blast and lasted well into the evening as we ate deliciously cold ice cream beside a warm sunny canal in Haggerston.  We then strolled through the trendy streets of Hackney and ate fragrant tapas in a shiny new restaurant in Dalston.  You see?  I told you the unplanned evenings are the best!

Date number 2 was a sunny picnic by the Thames, followed by a walk along the river and a Strawberries and Cream frappucino from Starbucks.  I didn’t know it yet, but our relationship was to encounter several bombshell revelations and the first came during this date:  Now the school summer holidays had arrived, I was looking forward to getting to know my new date at a leisurely pace.  I imagined six weeks of romantic dates, gazing into each other’s eyes and that all important First Kiss.  But during our Thameside picnic, my colleague announced he was going to Sweden for the ENTIRE SUMMER.  Not only that but he was moving to a different school in September.  Was this to be the end of our fledgling romance?  Had we left it too late to get things started?

During the summer holidays I kept busy and happy with a family holiday, dance classes, a jazz holiday and driving lessons.  Even though I was happy and enjoying myself, I couldn’t help wondering what he was up to.  Was he thinking about me too?  Was I right that there was a certain chemistry between us or had I just imagined the whole thing and we were actually Just Friends?  A crazy part of me even considered hopping on a plane to meet him in Sweden!

Finally, after the 6 week summer break was over, he came back to the UK and texted me as soon as he got off the plane.  “This is promising,”  I thought and arranged to meet him at a free outdoor theatre show in Deptford the following day.  (After a summer of no teaching work, a free show was about all I could afford!)  Again we had fun and spoke for hours about life, our jobs, our music, London-life etc etc. I got the impression that he truly delighted in my company and didn’t care about the location or cost of our dates.    My self-esteem and confidence blossomed as I basked in the warm glow of his unconditional appreciation.

However, as we continued to date for the next few weeks, I began to experience nagging doubts.  This was mainly because we still had not kissed!  It felt like our relationship was a plane that had been taxi-ing on the runway for too long.  When would it take off?!   When would we take things beyond the friendship stage?  So, for our next date, I picked the most romantic film I could find, put on a nice dress and left the rest up to fate.  Following the film, we went for a drink in a Soho pub and – I kid you not – a man walked up to my date and announced, “She’s beautiful!  You’ve got to marry her.”  He then gave me a knowing look and walked off!

Despite this stranger’s prophetic announcement, I still hadn’t got my kiss when we said goodbye at my bus stop on The Strand.  As my bus approached I began to despair;  maybe we were Just Friends after all.  Perhaps I had misread the signs all along and simply imagined his interest in me.  He lent in to say goodbye and then…it happened.  Time warped, tummy butterflies fluttered and, after 4 more buses came and went, two very happy music teachers finally said goodbye to each other and went home, knowing our lives would never be the same again.


To be continued…

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