Day 49: English Cafe

Today’s post comes from the Urshult Hotell reception desk, where I am awaiting the arrival of our next guests.  In front of me is a bowl of cakes, ready to welcome them to their new residence.  These cakes are leftover from yesterday’s English Cafe event, which went down a storm.

We spent 2 days baking and preparing for our English Cafe and here is a selection of some of the cakes we baked:


I was personally responsible for the lemon and poppy seed ring cake, chocolate chip cookies, 2 batches of raspberry cheesecake brownies,  and around 200 freshly baked scones.  Here I am in action, mixing the scone dough with my hands.  I Baked throughout the event so that customers were able to enjoy warm scones fresh from the oven.


Guests began arriving at 10:30am and the last ones left around 4:00pm.  We had roughly 100 customers come through our doors and the ambiance in the hotel dining rooms was a very happy one.  The charge was 85SEK for all you could eat and drink. My favourite guest quotes are:

“Your tea and scones are better than the ones at the Globe Theatre Cafe in London”

“I love your fantastic scones.  So light and fluffy!”

We plan to run the cafe once a month with a different seasonal theme each time.  Next month:  Mother’s Day.

Hope to see you there!

PS here are some more photos from wonderful local photographer Mia.

Orange and poppy seed cookies   image     image   image   image

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4 Responses to Day 49: English Cafe

  1. blkkat49 says:

    It would be amazing to be there. Everything looks delicious.


  2. Frannie Hewitt says:

    I will get Sassie to send over her recipes for chic chip cookies, flapjacks and brownies. Your baking looks fabulous but exhausting. I’m glad you’ll only do this once a month! There are obviously certain things you can freeze very very successfully and therefore make in advance (not sure what though). Your blogs and posts are so interesting and upbeat and encouraging I love them! Love, Frannie x


    • urshult says:

      Thanks Frannie that would be great. Yes, I think you can freeze scone dough in advance….maybe cookie dough as well. Luckily I have an amazing team to work with so it doesn’t feel too exhausting. Husband, 2 sisters-in-law and mother-in-law all pitched in with baking, serving tables etc😃 I hope it will get easier each time we do the cafe as we learn a few tricks along the way! Hope all is well with you and your family in London. Anna x


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