Day 20: Urshult Randomness

It is Easter Day.  And in Urshult the sun shone and the skies were blue.  I woke up early and extricated myself from a sleeping husband and step-son.  Downstairs in the dining room, I sipped my coffee and began to plan my day.  First of all:  a run beside the lake.

Having recently improved my flexibility by doing yoga, I am finding running increasingly enjoyable.  And the scenery here helps:  on one of my runs this week 2 deer stopped me in my tracks as they leapt across my path.  The village is growing busier now that Easter has come and we have a slow trickle of tourists to the area.  I ran past a rather serious-looking fisherman and the resident Asnen gang of mallard ducks, who always seem to be squabbling over something.

When I got back from my run, it was so warm that I sat in the sun to eat my breakfast.  My step-son eagerly joined me with a cup of tea he had made for me.  Both my step-children are super excited about exploring the hotel and all its contents.

And the hotel offers much scope for young explorers.  Sometimes, I feel a bit like I am living in some sort of slightly disorganised museum, as I come across various items from the hotel’s past.  Here are my Top 3 so far:


Starting us off at number 3:  Swedish magazines from the 1940s including articles on recent weddings, the latest royal baby and make-up tips.


In at number 2 is the carambole table in our basement.  At first sight, it looks like a fun snooker table, until you realise there are no pockets!  And only 3 balls!  And no-one you meet in your everyday life seems to know how to play the game.  Mysterious.


And soaring to the top of the charts at number 1 is……..the vintage braille machine!!  My initial impression suggested this could be a semi-useful typwriter.  Until I realised there are only 7 keys.  Extremely handy for all those…erm…braille brochures we are likely to print (???!)

braille machineThe rest of the day has passed in a bit of a blur of checking in guests, attending the Easter service at Urshult Kyrka, doing laundry, shopping for the guest dinner we are cooking tomorrow and celebrating my brother-in-law’s birthday.  Excitingly, our day is not over yet as in an hour’s time we are leaving to pick up a friend of mine who is visiting us.  I wonder what other random treasures we will find as we explore Urshult Hotell this week…stay tuned!

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