Hotel manager’s blog: Day 13

Day 13 in Urshult and I am experiencing what can only be described as Brain Fatigue.  3 weeks operating in a foreign language and starting a new business  have left me drained and needing to recharge.  Add to that today’s cold and snowy weather and it seems a perfect day to sit inside in the warmth and write my blog.

We had no guests staying last night so could have a lie-in this morning.  The grey rain gradually turned to snow and we now have a good covering throughout Urshult.  Last week’s warm weather brought out the flowers in our garden and now they are covered in snow!


Hubby and I battled through the elements to walk to Urshult Bakery and buy fika buns for our business meeting this morning.  The bakery used to be housed in the basement of our hotel and, such was its success, that it outgrew the premises and moved to a nearby industrial estate in the 1970s.  We introduced ourselves to the managers and noticed a wall covered in 1920s photos of the bakery in our hotel.  Cool!


Our business meeting this morning was with a lady from the local tourist bureau who wants to run cycle tours to our hotel.  We are situated on a beautiful cycle path, which follows an old railway route across Lake Asnen.  The lake is a funny shape and includes many small islands and inlets.  This cycle path traverses some of these islands and includes breath-taking views of the lake.  This nice lady (who had previously celebrated her 20th wedding anniversary in the hotel) assured us there are already 2 cycle tours booked.


After that we had our second visit from a neighbour – the lady who runs the local candle house.  This area of Sweden is famous for its star-shaped candles and she very kindly gave us a gift-wrapped one to put on display in the hotel.


In between these events I managed to get down to some music and yoga practice.  I am pleased to report that both my trumpet and piano survived the long journey to Urshult.  Both need a bit of TLC – tuning for the piano and valve oil for the trumpet – but it was nice to be playing again.  And in other musical news, I have been invited to join the local recorder group next week (news of 2 new musicians to the area travels fast!)  And an English violinist friend is coming to scope out the hotel next week for a possible orchestral course to be held here in the summer.

Oh, and tomorrow the local newspaper are coming to write an article about our hotel and take my picture.  Onwards and upwards for Urshult Hotell!

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One Response to Hotel manager’s blog: Day 13

  1. Cycle tours sound amazing! There’s such a range of tourism things for your hotel. Plus I hope you rediscover your recorder skills… Just channel Ms Klein!!

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