Hotel manager’s log: Day 7

Number of guests: 5.  Number of early starts to prepare breakfast:  5.  Number of room changes:  5.  Number of bookings taken:  5.  Number of new people met:  too many to count!

Today began with getting up early to have breakfast with my husband before he went to work as a music teacher in the nearby town of Alvesta.  We have no kitchen in our flat yet, so we use the hotel kitchen to prepare our meals.  It always feels rather grand to have a large restaurant-style kitchen in which to prepare toast and tea in the morning!

As a family, we eat our meals in the hotel lounge; a similarly grand room with wood panelling, corniced ceilings and a real bar (complete with neon bar sign and full selection of glasses.) WP_20150317_20_39_16_Pro_(2)[2]After my husband left, I prepared breakfast for our guest, checked him out and cleaned his rooms.  We have a large laundry room with a mangle – one of the many pieces of unfamiliar equipment that I am learning to use.  This, and our industrial dishwasher (just 15 mins to do an entire load of dishes!), are a revelation to me as they make housework so much easier!

Our hotel is south-facing and so, naturally, the largest and most used rooms are on that side of the house.  The living room in our flat has a beautiful bay window and lets in lots of light.  After cleaning the rooms, I had a ‘yoga break’ here, doing a few stretches and deep breathing in the sunlight.

My in-laws arrived shortly afterwards bringing my much-loved new bicycle (yay!) and some furniture that my husband had been storing in their house.  We did some cleaning and my father-in-law continued ripping out our old bathroom in order to install a new one.  Then we had a traditional Swedish lunch of grillkorv (large sausages) and bread.

After lunch, I wrote a a shopping list as I am looking forward to cooking up a storm in our restaurant kitchen.  It is such a pleasure cooking in such a large space after our last kitchen, where the work surface was much more meagre.  I am experimenting with different dinner dishes at the moment and have made shepherd’s pie and macaroni cheese so far.  Next on my list is lasagne!

After lunch I went for a walk and met our neighbour for the first time.  An older gentlemen with whom I managed to conduct an entire conversation in Swedish!  During this chat I gleaned that he comes from Blekinge (the neighbouring county) and told him about our visit to Blekinge’s beautiful capital – Karlskrona – last year.


Stay tuned for more hotel adventures…coming up in May we have the Swedish army renting the entire hotel for a week – I’d best go now and get on with learning the ropes here at Urshult Hotell!

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2 Responses to Hotel manager’s log: Day 7

  1. Gosh, I had got rather behind on events in Urshult. I’ve just caught up…fascinating. I’m so glad you’re doing this to keep us Londoners filled in on your new life! I have some questions which you can answer or ignore as you wish!
    1) What is your dog’s name? boy or girl? when are you having him/her to live with you?
    2) How are you already so good at Swedish??!
    3) When you have guests, do they have breakfast in the big dining room with you or separately from you? do you make the guests socialise with each other at a big table or can they choose to sit at separate tables? what breakfast are you providing? (sorry, for some reason I am fascinated by breakfast).When are you going to bring in full English?!
    4) What different painting/DIY are you doing on the hotel?
    5) What kind of things are you and Robert doing at the weekends when you need a break from hotel-ing?


  2. urshult says:

    Hallo! Thank you for your comment – here are the answers to your questions:
    1) Our dog (male) will arrive at the end of April as he must be 8-10 weeks old before he can leave his mum. He will already be named when we get him, but we can change his name if we want.
    2) Hmmm…because I am amazing??! (Jokes!) I think having learnt French already means that learning another language is a bit easier. Similar perhaps to learning another musical instrument. Once you’ve learnt one you can use the rudiments of rhythm, notation etc to fairly easily play another.
    3) We eat our breakfast before the guests come so no, we don’t eat together. The guests sit at different tables because the room is big enough to accommodate that. Breakfast is continental with bread, cereal, jam, boiled egg, cheese, ham, tea, coffee and of course…Swedish caviar (very essential!). We may do full English as a separate event at weekends.
    4) There is so much work to do here and if we tried to do it all at once, we’d go crazy! We are starting with building a new bathroom and kitchen in our flat and after summer we will start work on the facade of the hotel, which is currently very tatty. Our 3rd guest here very kindly offered us a good deal on some nanotech render, which cleans itself when it rains. That will really help smarten up the outside of the building.
    5) The hotel is definitely a 24/7 kind of business, but that doesn’t mean we don’t get breaks, just that the times when guests aren’t here don’t always coincide with weekends. This weekend, we spent Friday night at my in-laws’ house, Saturday shopping and on Sunday we had our first social invitation to coffee with a local farmer couple. This very hospitable family had lived on the farm for 8 generations! Fascinating!

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