The morning after…

This morning we woke up to bright sunshine and clear skies in Sweden.  Despite a late arrival last night, we awoke relatively early and had some coffee.  We have been for a lovely spring walk around my in-laws’ house in Ellanda, through the forest and around a lake.  Feeling very refreshed after a long day of travelling yesterday (In total: 3 cabs, 1 bus, 1 tube, 1 plane, 2 trains and 1 car.)

I don’t really know what else to write in this post as I am still processing all the events of the last few weeks.  The goodbyes, the long journeys, the packing, the living out of a suitcase, the good wishes from friends and colleagues…  For now I am just thankful to be here and finally beginning the adventure!


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2 Responses to The morning after…

  1. Sue Powell says:

    Hi Anna, hope you are settling in well. Things will seem very different for a while, and then you will wonder at feeling so at home so quickly! Hopefully will visit you next year! Best wishes to you both. Sue

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  2. blkkat49 says:

    It’s great that you arrived to sunshine on the last leg of your journey. It’s easier to finally breathe once you’re settled in. Thanks for sharing.

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