A postcard from Sweden

Dear blog followers,

I am in Sweden!  We arrived on Saturday (me, husband, bonubarn* 1 and bonusbarn 2) and my favourite country has not failed to delight me.  From the beautiful sunrise I encountered flying above the clouds to the snow-capped pine trees that greeted my arrival at Gothenburg airport, this trip is confirming the rightness of our decision to move here.


I am really enjoying spending more time playing with my bonusbarn.  So far we have gambolled into the forest behind our house to find iced over puddles, dug a massive hole in the garden through several layers of snow, grass, soil, clay and rocks, built lego (I’m good at this), played the board game Risk (I suck at this!) and yesterday we celebrated my stepson’s birthday with cake, presents and balloons.  All the time I feel I am investing in 2 very important relationships, which is a good feeling:)


Hole-diggingI have also opened my belated birthday present from the family, which is a sewing machine!!  I have made my first forays into textile mastery by constructing a bag.   My stepson has also managed to make a phone case, which is very impressive (and useful too!)

WP_20150215_13_56_59_Pro   WP_20150215_13_57_03_Pro

Tomorrow, my husband has an interview at a local school and we are showing our new home to the bonusbarn in the afternoon.  Stay tuned to hear how we all get on!

Mässor av kärlek,


WP_20150215_17_38_15_ProMe, dressed for the Swedish winter!

*  Bonusbarn = stepchild/stepchildren in Swedish

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2 Responses to A postcard from Sweden

  1. Great post, the top picture is beautiful! Sweden sounds like a beautiful place.


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