10 Things You Didn’t Know About Urshult Hotell (and surrounding areas)


1. Urshult Hotell was built in 1923 and housed a bakery on the ground floor.  The large baker’s ovens were in the back room with the shop at the front.


2. The hotel has a total of 14 guest rooms (28 beds), which are located in an annexe behind the main house.


3. Urshult Hotell has a fully functioning restaurant kitchen and, although not licensed as a restaurant, the kitchen is often used to cater for events such as weekend brunches, visiting choir trips and special breakfasts.


4. Urshult’s population was recorded as 794 during the last census in 2010.  The population of London is 8816x bigger!!!

urshotell logo

5. Urshult apples are dark red and harvested in December.  The lucrative Urshult apple trade meant the village was very prosperous in the nineteenth century, with a population approaching 5000.  Their HUGE, grand and ornate church, built in 1808, is a legacy from this prosperous era.

asnen 2

6. The hotel is located on the banks of Lake Åsnen, which is the second largest lake in the province of Småland.  It is an incredibly tranquil and beautiful setting for a chilled out holiday.

1974126_10101587902319799_8008973042863651333_o (1)

7. Lake Åsnen is also a great place for fishing pike and perch.  This picture shows the first fish I ever caught in my life – while I was honeymooning in Sweden last summer.


8. The province of Småland is located in the south of Sweden and the name literally means Small Lands.


9. The Småland coat of arms features a rampant red lion on a golden shield holding a crossbow.


10. Sweden has a moose population of about 400,000 and Småland is no exception.  If you don’t see them in the wild, you can always head to nearby Smålandet Moose Safari.  They are absolutely gorgeous!

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One Response to 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Urshult Hotell (and surrounding areas)

  1. Jonny B says:

    Great to hear more about your Swedish adventure Annski, and love seeing the photos.


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